UV Advertising Printing Solution

Basic Overview Of
UV Advertising Print

UV inkjet printer offers numerous advantages by using UV printing technology over the traditional printing technology, including its ability to produce high-quality print artwork at lightning-fast speeds. Unlike traditional printing methods, UV printing machine relies on light to cure the ink instantly, eliminating the requirement for drying quickly and enabling rapid production of large volumes of prints. Additionally, UV printing products have strong resistant to water, super good color fastness without any fading, and other environmental factors, ensure it maintains good quality and durability even after long period. With these advantages, the UV printing technology is widely been accepted and used in the advertising and commercial applications, from signage and banners to packaging and labels.

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Advantages Of UV Printing

UV flatbed printing using cutting-edge printing method that combines special UV ultraviolet ink and ultraviolet light to create stunning advertising posters, display panels, and stickers. As a digital printing technology, UV printing offers fast printing speed with high precision images that are cured under the guidance of ultraviolet lamps, resulting in water-resistance and humidity-resistance prints that retain their vibrancy even after prolonged exposure. UV printing in advertisement industry are suitable for both indoor and outdoor advertising items, as well as for exhibitions, building ads, display cases, and commercial signs, particularly in the area of which waterproof and humidity-resistance requests.

 High efficiency: Compare with traditional printers, flatbed UV printer improved for fast drying after printing without waiting for single minute, this allows the continuous printing without any delays. Therefore, it is an excellent option for multi-tasks printing projects with quick turnaround.

 High precision: Flatbed UV printer is capable of producing vibrant and detailed print projects with resolutions up to 1440x1440dpi. This precision presents incredibly vivid colors and crisp images. 

 Tolerable for materials: Flatbed UV printer can print on various materials. Such as plastics, metal, wood, stone, glass, ceramics, paper, and also textiles, Flatbed UV printer offer extensive versatility, this is the excellent choice for signage, displays, and customized products producing.

 Strong durability: Since the ink dries and sets almost instantly by using UV light, the printed projects are significantly with good resistant of wearing and also good colorfastness. This strength makes the UV printing applications with good water-resistance and humidity resistance, and also with long-term using period.

• Environmental protection: UV ink does not contain any harmful items, no solvent volatilization, no pollution to the environment, it could achieve the environmental protection standard requests.

 Wide range of applications: Flatbed UV printer is not just limited to printing high-quality signs and displays for traditional businesses. It can also be utilized in the production of electronics, decorative art, and many other industries that require high-quality, long-lasting printed images, such as handicrafts, electronic equipment, textiles, and gifts etc.

Product Parameters

Equipment Model: UV1313 G5
Printhead configuration: Ricoh G5 printhead
Print width: 1300MM * 1300MM (three staggered row of nozzles above a slight change)
Board :SATA 8 head G5 2.0 double Y board card
Dimension: 2850MM*2090MM*1400MM
Print thickness: 0-110mm (can be customized by model)
Equipment weight: gross weight 750kg (subject to the actual machine, a small deviation is the normal range)
Machine skeleton: heat treatment, triangular structure, using high-precision gantry milling precision machining
Nozzle base plate: aviation aluminum 8 head base plate, nozzle independent fine adjustment, blackening treatment, anti-reflective
UV ink: imported ink (soft, neutral, hard, according to demand optional)
UV lamp: LED Korea Seoul lamp beads 2 only 900W
UV lamp cooling: water-cooled cooling, water flow protection. High temperature alarm, (high-powered water tank compression cooling cooling)
RIP system: Dutch PrintFactory (optional: U.S. PHOTOPRIN)
White ink circulation system: main ink circuit circulation, ink cartridge agitation. Software-controlled automatic cycle to prevent ink precipitation
Ink carriage lift guide: Silent guide
Ink car lift motor: Jemicon double out of shaft stepper motor
Ink circuit filter: two filtration: the main ink circuit columnar (5.0um) Cobalt head before the filter (20um)
Negative pressure system: new double-way integrated negative pressure, color and white independent control
Data transmission: fiber optic transmission

Function introduction

1. Head anti-collision protection
When the ink carriage crash to the printing media, then the anti-collision system starts automatically to stop the movement immediately to protect the safety of the print head. Once re-set the media and ensure printing safety, then printer could be resume working to avoid any wastage.

2. Self-height measuring system
Height sensor self-checking with printing media, the carriage automatically adjusts the appropriate printing height according the media height.

3. Backflow protection
Negative pressure box get ink reflowed, the system automatically stops the ink supply, to ensure the safety of the negative pressure system

4. White ink stirring and white ink circulation
White ink nature of the problem is easy to precipitate, the main ink cartridge agitation ink circuit automatic circulation system

5. Double-tunnel & high-precision negative pressure system
Production without adjusting the negative pressure, can automatically balance the negative pressure to ensure the stability of the ink jet.

6. Flash spray system
Flash spray function would be started automatically during the printing starts or during the preparation of printing to ensure the nozzles moisture

7. White ink & varnish could be printed at the same time
One-time realization of white background, embossing, color varnish printing, improve printing speed, avoid white and color varnish alignment error

1.Design: Use popular graphic design software, such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, to create a design draft that meets your advertising requirement, and also guarantee precision images during printing. 

Printing Preparation

2.Printing Preparation: Select appropriate printing materials and adjust printing parameters, such as ink type and coverage. Additionally, check the UV lamp of the printer to ensure that it is working properly. Proper preparation is the key point to get high-quality, consistent results in the printing stage.

3.Printing: Upload the image and select the expected printing mode, such as 600dpi or 1440dpi. UV printers offer high precision and can print on a variety of materials, including plastics, metals, wood, stone, glass, ceramics, paper, and textiles. Then the UV curing system dry the printing project instantly after printing, which achieve the continuous printing without any delays. Additionally, UV inks are eco-friendly and meet the latest environmental protection standards.

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4.Installation: Install the advertisement in the corresponding position, such as on a wall, display rack, or banner bracket. UV-printed images are highly durable and resistant to wear and fading, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Suitable Materials For
UV Printing Advertising

A wide range of materials are suitable for flatbed UV printing advertising, including below materials involved but also the one not indicated as below.

pvc material

PVC material

Acrylic material

Acrylic material

Metal material

Metal material

Glass material

Glass material

Canvas material

Canvas material

Self-adhesive material

Self-adhesive material

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