Welcome to Colorido’s channel! Nice to see you again! Here are some advantages this machine boasts!




(1)Water-based eco-friendly coating process as well as reducing waste, pollution and smell.

(2)Suitable for all fabrics, exempts the use of plates, cutting plotters and the need for pre- and post- processing.

(3)Able to place clear, colorful and vivid designs on any color and type of fabric.

(4)The garment printed design is hydrolysis and folding resistance presenting a good air permeability, flexibility and a fine touch.

(5)Many application fabrics: dark and light colored pure cotton, blended fabric, polyester, dark and light colored PVC, EVA, PU, TPU, etc.

(6)Wide application areas: T-shirts, jeans, shoes, soft leather, luggage,household goods, etc.



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