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Car Decal Stickers

Nowadays with the fast-growing demands of personalization, personalized car sticker has been widely used in the market. Our car stickers are manufactured with high-quality raw materials and advanced technology, it has excellent durability, water resistance and UV resistance. We focus on each single step of production technology, from design to the final finished ready products, all are strictly controlled with good quality inspection system.

Unique Design

UV printing car stickers offers: 1.Personalization& Customization 2. High-quality printing outlook 3. Variety of pattern designs& colors in any shape & size. All in all, the car sticker makes your car to be unique.

Unique Design

Customized Services

Ningbo Colorido company is committed to providing high-quality & self-adhesive printing services.The printing process is as follow:

 Design: What you need to do is sending the design file or drawings, and our design team will take care of it to ensure the design would meet customer’s request.

 Preparation for Production: Design would be adjusted in software to be fit for printing preparation, for size and color outlook pre-view.  

 Production: After confirmation for the production pre-view, then production would be started. We use advanced digital printing technology to ensure that every detail is perfectly presented.

 Quality control and packing: After the production is completed, we will conduct strict inspection system to ensure that the stickers have no quality issues. After that, we will carry out good packing and deliver the products to customer on time.

The benefits of using UV printers to print Car Decal Stickers

UV printing car stickers, has these advantages:

Strong durability

 Highly customizable

 High definition

• Environmental protection

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UV2513-Car Decal Stickers


Product Parameters

Model Type UV2513
Nozzle configuration Ricoh GEN61-8 Ricoh GEN5 1-8
Area of platform 2500mmx1300mm  25kg
Print speed Ricoh G6 fast 6 heads    production 75m²/h                 Ricoh G6 Four nozzle     production 40m²/h  
Print material Type:Acrylic aluminum plastic board,wood, tile, foam board, metal plate, glass,cardboard and other plane objects
Ink type Blue, magenta, yellow, black, light blue, light red, white, light oil
RIP software PP,PF,CG,Ultraprint;
power supply voltage,power AC220v, hosts the largest 3000w, 1500wX2 vacuum adsorption platform
lmage format TiffJEPG,Postscript3,EPS,PDF/Etc.
Color control In line with international ICC standard, with curve and density adjustment function, using ltalian Barbieri color system for color calibration
Print resolution 720*1200dpi,720*900dpi,720*600dpi,720*300dpi
operating environment Temperature: 20C to 28 C humidity: 40% to 60%
Apply the ink Ricoh and LED-UV ink
The machine size 4520mmX2240mm X1400mm 1200KG
Packing size 4620mmX2340mm X1410mm 1400KG

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production line

Our factory focuses on providing high-quality and efficient UV printers and take care the after-sales service, adhering to the business philosophy of professionalism, innovation, and integrity, constantly pursuing excellence, and tailoring various demands for customers.

uv printer debugging

We have a professional after-sales team that provides technical support online all the time to ensure the stability of operation of our customers' UV printers.

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